In a click…

Sometimes, ‘simply beautiful’ walks through the door, or crosses my path in the street, a café, on a bush trail and with or without my camera all that matters is making that connection—to exchange details for a date with my lens or, if already armed, to flip the lens cap and fire.

And that’s how it is with Alexis. We see each other only occasionally, having met at a party to ‘kick-off’ the filming of the BIG ‘short’ Queen of the Bees which we’ve both worked on—(acting and pre-production stills. see Special Projects under Portfolio and blog post Aug 15, Artists’ Appetites).

We just click. And it’s with few words that we make pictures.

I raise my lens and she moves in graceful ease to its tilts and turns, and together we move around a room in a creative silence easing into spaces of available light, each knowing our own steps in the spectrum…like dancers to music….

Sometimes ‘simply beautiful’ is five unplanned minutes with a camera and moving in sync to the quiet shutter like the scene before you is a stage…and just ‘clicking’.

black & white portrait of gorgeous woman